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Team Building and Dynamic Group Facilitation for Organizations, Schools and Summer Camps

Mid-to-Upper Level Admin Training

These sessions focus on how to work with today’s staff members, providing tools and perspectives that are outside the usual.

This includes observing and working with staff as they are and adapting their strengths and perspectives to support the needs of the organization. 1/2- day to 3 day training modules $500-3000


Staff Team Building

Includes ice breakers, general communication skills, recognition of current and desired attributes of staff members while incorporating the goals and outcomes of the organization.

Full staff training can include specialized team building and leadership training with JCs and CITs. 1/2- day to 3 day training modules  $500-3000


Midsummer Refresher

Midsummer is a great time for reinvigoration, renewed motivation, an assessment of how are things going, how things have changed, issues and areas of improvement.

I can facilitate conversations and activities around issues and areas of development and/or can repeat similar activities that were done in the beginning as a way to explore and discuss progress. 1/2- day to 1 day training modules  $500-1000




Benefits to You


  • Get to know your staff for who they really are, in the areas that are going to play a big part in how they are as staff members.
  • Gain a baseline understanding of where they are in terms of interpersonal skills, decision making skills, and maturity.
  • Gain an understanding of both the individuals and how they work together as a staff.

Benefits to your Staff


  • Improved problem solving skills and flexibility, more effective communication, increased resilience and insight;
  • Improved ability to evaluate situations and react appropriately, including skills to help them advocate for themselves and others;
  • A better understanding what it’s like to work at camp and how skills learned at camp apply to the real world.

About Me

I’ve worked in the camp field for over 20 years. Most recently Director at Camp Starfish in Rindge NH, I’ve also worked for Camp Nashoba North (Assistant Director), Nature’s Classroom at Sargent Center (Director of Adventure Camp) and Boston University Sargent Center as Director of Adventure Camp, where I started out as a counselor.

Originally from St. Louis, MO, I made the unlikely move to New Hampshire in June of 1999 to work directly with children and adults in outdoor settings. I have presented at many ACA New England Conferences, am an ACA board member, and am a member of the New Camp Directors Workshop faculty. I am delighted to watch my daughter grow up in the camp industry.

My Style

I enjoy all aspects of staff training and mentorship. Most of my facilitative work has been in the summer camp and hosted conference industry. For the past 20 years, I have facilitated team building experiences for a variety of groups, such as conference attendees, camp staff, and campers.

My many years of team building experience include extensive work with both high and low ropes courses, but also –often– with no equipment and just my imagination, creativity and knowledge of group dynamics.

My personal style appears laid back, but I’m deeply passionate, observant and present. As a facilitator, I believe in judicious empowerment, and like to allow teams and individuals to use and develop their skills. Unless safety is an issue, I believe that a facilitative style of informing, supporting, trusting and guiding allows for development of confidence as well as critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

One of the most overlooked parts of team building is “debriefing” –this takes place after the more interactive part of a team building exercise is complete. During debriefing, the group talks about the experience and asks questions like what did we learn? How can this be applied? What insights were gained? What was surprising?  To me, this is one of the most important parts of team building, as it distills and reinforces the core experiences and insights for both participants and facilitators.

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