Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

As a black man living in an overwhelmingly white area of the country, and working in an overwhelmingly white profession (summer camp), I have stories to tell.  From my first experience in nature, to being black at camp, to being a black man, this black man, in this world as it is today.

I can speak to issues of both organizational inheritance and desired legacy in the context of diversity, privilege, and both conscious and unconscious bias. The roles we play in our organizations, the way we were brought up, can keep us from pushing the boundaries of our ways of being and thinking into areas that might be a little uncomfortable. I’ll gently lead us there.

I present and workshop with respect to where folks are in their journey, as I know I face my own assumptions and challenges as a human being.

After the presentation, I can facilitate conversations and activities around questions and areas of discussion that may have come up as a result of my talk.  And I can also follow up with individuals, leadership, or focus groups.

$1500-3000 typical range for keynote presentation, dependent on length of presentation,  audience size, and organization type.  Post-presentation workshops additional cost.